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Can you imagine how exciting it would be to have The Legend - Santa Claus - visit your home during the Holiday season. There is nothing that can create magical memories like Santa himself.

A personal visit with the Jolly Old Elf at your home is a time for family and friends photos and story telling, or Santa Noel can present a show with magic, music and stories. Additional information on home visits will be available to you. Book early before the calendar is full.

"Sneak a Peek": Only on Christmas Eve - This visit lasts about 15 minutes. The children are awakened by the parents. They hide in a pre-determined location so they can see Santa take the presents out of his bag and place them under the tree. Santa will then drink the milk and eat the cookie, throw his empty bag over his shoulder and exit, creating an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience. Call for details.


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