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Don't you just hate standing in line waiting to be next during the Holiday Season!? Me too!

This year I would like to work with your association to make a visit
with Santa Claus a fun, personal and uplifting experience with no long lines. Santa Noel is not a Santa for all venues. You will not find him sitting in a mall. He is a Santa for special clients and special events. Make this Holiday special.

Santa Noel will bring your first present - his throne, backdrop and music - a $400 value free; and you provide the location and bring your cameras or have a professional photographer to take individual and/or family pictures.

Once booked, additional information on how to make this a smooth and enjoyable experience will be made available to you. To help you plan your booking, use a 2-minute per person rule for photo and visit time, and 5 minutes for a family. Book early before the calendar is full.


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